Phaltan Education Society's
Accredited by NAAC 'B+' Grade (CGPA 2.59). Approved by UGC, Govt. of Maharashtra and Affiliated to Shivaji University, Kolhapur. [(02166) 222330]
Phaltan Education Society's
Accredited by NAAC 'B+' Grade (CGPA 2.59). Approved by UGC, Govt. of Maharashtra and Affiliated to Shivaji University, Kolhapur [(02166) 222330].

College Committees for 2017-18

Administration Decentralization


Name of the committee




College Development Committee

i) To make plans for overall development of college

ii)To give directions to various committees

iii)To monitor the overall progression of institute

iv) To make budgetary provisions for all activities of college

v) to finalize future plans for institution development

vi)To maintain coordination among all stake holders

vii) To monitor quality enhancement mechanism of the college

i)Hon. Shrimant Raghunathraje Naik Nimbalkar

Chairman, Governing Council, P.E. Society

ii) Hon.Shrimant Sanjivraje Naik Nimbalkar

Secretary, Phaltan Education Society

iii) Prin. Dr. S.P.Rasal

Secretary, College Dev. Committee

iv) Dr. S.D.Ingale - Principal nominated HoD

v) Dr. B.S. Kamble - Faculty Representative

vi) Dr. P.H.Kadam- ”

vii) Dr. Mrs. S.L.Naik Nimbalkar - ” ( Lady Member)

viii) Dr S.G. Dixit - IQAC Coordinator

ix) Shri. R.T.Adke - Staff Representative

x) Dr. A.Y.Shinde - Academic Representative

xi)Shri. H. V. Ranade - Industry Representative

xii)Shri.Arvind Mehta - Social Sector Representative

xiii)Dr. Shantaram Gaikawd - Research Representative


Faculty/Shift In charge

i)To coordinate all administrative responsibilities

ii)To plan, implement and supervise all academic, co curricular and extracurricular activities

iii) To monitor daily academic activities

1) Prof .Ratnaparkhe.P.R (Science)

i)Dr.Virkar D.D.

ii)Dr.Mrs.Lonkar U.B.

2)Dr.Ingale S.D. (Arts)


ii) Prof. Mrs. Mane S.A.

3) Prof.Borate J.P. (Commerce)

i) Prof.Velekar L.C.

4) Prof.Lamkane.S.S (Computer & Mana.)

i) Prof. Nimbalkar Priya


Admission Committee

i)To admit students as per Govt. / University norms

ii) To allot divisions as per provisions

iii) To prepare data of admitted students

i)Prof. Ratnaparkhe P.R (Chairman Science)

ii) Dr.Virkar D.D. ( ,, )

iii) Dr.Gawade.S.M. (Chairman Arts)

iv) Dr. Surwase K.S. ( ,, )

v) Dr.Dhavade N.C. ( ,, )

vi) Prof.Borate J.P. (Chairman Commerce)

vii) Prof.Velekar L.C. ( ,, )

viii) Prof.Lamkane.S.S. (Chairman IT)


Time-Table Committee and

Students Attendance

i)To prepare suitable time table with available infrastructure and human resources

ii) To allot classrooms as per norms

iii) To assist administration in smooth regular teaching learning

i) Dr.Gaikwad.A.R. (Chairman Science)

ii) Dr.Virkar D.D.

iii) Dr.Surwase.K.S (Chairman Arts)

iv) Dr.Dixit S.G.

v) Prof.Borate J.P. (Chairman Commerce)

vi) Prof. Jadhav A.S.

vii) Prof.Velekar L.C.

viii)Prof. Shaikh S.H.

ix) Prof.Lamkane.S.S. (Chairman IT)

x) Prof. Doshi.S.S.


Student Council Election Management

i) To form Student Council as per University Act 2016.

ii) To conduct the election of College Representatives

ii)To conduct meetings with students council and solve students issues

iii) To maintain all the record

i) Prof.Dalavi S.S. (Chairman)


iii) Prof. Nale S.K.

iv)Dr.Tike A.S.

v) Prof. Jadhav A.S.

vi) Prof. Mrs Kavathekar N.M.

vii)Prof. Balip Annaso

viii)Prof. Miss. Dhumal Sujata

ix) Shri. Bhandwalkar Namdeo ( Office)


Discipline Committee

i)To make guidelines for students discipline

ii)To restrict outsiders’ entry in premises

iii) To take actions against violators of rules

iv) Internal Discipline

v) Parking Discipline

vi) Continuous Rounds in the Campus

vii)Day to day report to the administration

i) Prof.Nale S. K. (Chairman) Morning Session

ii) Prof.Satpute.L.M

iii) Dr.Pawar P.R.

iv) Dr.Kadam P.H.

v) Prof. More V.P.

vi) Prof.Mrs.Jagtap S.C.

ii) Dr. Kambale B.S. (Noon Session)

ii) Prof. Dalavi S.S.

iii) Prof. Mrs.Kavathekar.N.M

iv) Dr. Acharya A.P.

v) Prof.Shetye P.H

vi) Shri. Raskar S.K. (Registrar)

vii) Shri. Phadtare Sandip (Office)


Examination Committee

i) To plan and conduct internal and University examinations.

ii) To maintain record of internal exams.

iii) To suggest exam. reforms

i ) Prof. Ratnaparakhe P.R. (Chairman)

ii) Prof. Satpute L.M.

iii) Prof. Borate J.P.

iv) Prof.Lamkane.S.S

v) Shri.Kashid R.K.



Redressal Cell

( Special Standing Committee)

i)To provide safety and security measures to all students on campus

ii)To tackle grievances of faculty staff and students

iii) To maintain the record

i) Prof.Nale.S.K. (Chairman)


iii)Prof.Mrs.Naik Nimbalkar S.L.

iv)Prof.Miss Kadam A.S.

v) Prof. Atar Tabassum


Anti Ragging Committee

i)To create positive attitude among students against ragging

ii)To take desired action against any such incidence

iii) To maintain the records

i)Prof.Surawase K.S. (Chairman)

ii) Dr. Mrs. Lonkar U.B.

iii)Dr. Gawade S.M.

iv) Dr. Mrs. Naik Nimbalkar S.L.

v) Prof. Doshi Sachin


Anti-sexual Harassment Committee

i)To make campus atmosphere safe to girl students and female faculty

ii) To tackle the issues as per norms

iii) To conduct awareness programmes for Faculty, Staff and Student

i)Dr. Mrs.Lonkar U.B. (Chairman)

ii) Prof. Mrs. Mane S.A.

iii) Prof. Miss.Nimbalkar P.J.

iv) Prof. Miss Bajbalkar Jyoti

v)Miss. Nimbalkar Swati H. (Office)


Library Advisory Committee

i)To prepare annual budget and perspective plan of library

ii) To utilize available funds as per norms

iii)To extend library services

iv) to organize programmes to make library the soul of academic sources

i)Prof.Pawar A.G. (Chairman)

ii) Dr.Kamble B.S

iii) Prof. Jadhav A.S.

iv) Dr.Dixit S.G.

v) Prof. Borate J.P

vi) Prof. Kulkarni R.R.

vii) Shri. Palave Vijaykumar


Gymkhana Committee

i)To develop additional Sports facilities

ii) To strengthen sports activities by training and students participation in sports events

iii) To arrange annual prize distribution ceremony

i) Prof.Satpute L.M. (Chairman)

ii) Prof.Pathak R.S.

iii Prof.Dalavi S.S.

iv) Prof.MeshramP.M

v) Prof.Nale.S.K.


vii) Prof. Mrs.Kavathekar N.M.


Purchase Committee

i)To make perspective plan for annual purchase of equipments as per the demands and available funds

ii)To keep financial records as per auditing norms

i) Dr. Gaikwad A.R. (Chairman)

ii) Prof.Satpute L.M.

iii)Prof.Pawar A.G.

iv) Prof. Lamkane S.S.

v)Shri.Raskar S.K


Post Graduate Courses

i)To strengthen PG courses

ii) To provide all necessary academic and infrastructure facilities

iii) To maintain records

i)Dr.Pawar.P.R. . (Chairman)




Distance Education

i)To enroll students as per University rules

ii)To maintain record of fee structure and students


i) Dr. Ingale S.D. ( Coordinator)

ii)Prof. Nimbalkar S.V.

II. Infrastructure Enhancement and Quality Assurance


Infrastructure Planning and Development Committee

i)To prepare perspective infrastructure development plans

ii)To make budgetary provision as per needs

iii) To implement the plans with proper supervision

iv) To maintain records

i) Dr. Dr.Ingale.S.D. (Chairman)

ii) Dr. Kamble B.S.

iii) Prof. Satpute L.M.

iv) Dr. Shinde A.N.

v) Prof.Pawar S.D.


vii) Prof. Kare Nivrutti

viii) Prof. Lamkane S.S.

ix) Prof. Kumbhar M.B.

x) Prof. Chaure Rahul

xi)Shri. Raskar S.K.


Ladies Hostel and Ladies Welfare/ Women Empowerment

i)To organize programmes creating awareness regarding Women’s empowerment measures, health and hygiene among girls and other issues

ii)To provide all facilities to girls enrolled in girls hostel

iii) To maintain the records

i)Prof. Mrs. Mane S.A. (Chairman)



iv)Prof.Miss. Sonawale Aarti

v)Prof.Miss. Kadam Aparna


College Canteen Committee

i)To maintain quality control measures related to canteen

ii)To monitor discipline in canteen area

iii)To keep record of issues related to canteen

i) Prof. Pathak R.S. (Chairman)

ii)Prof. Meshram P.M.

iii)Dr.Mrs.NaikNimbalkar S.L.

iv) Prof. Gavit A.M.

v0 Prof. Miss. Gaikwad Shubhangi


Stock Verification Committee

i) To verify and ascertain accession, stock and dead stock of college property.

ii)To maintain record of annual stock verification

i) Dr.Virkar D.D. (Chairman)

ii)Prof.Satpute L.M.

iii)Dr.Kadam P.H.

iv)Shri.Raskar S.K.

v) Shri. Jadhav P.S.


Website Development

i)To design college website

ii)To update the website with recent activities

iii) To assist IQAC in accreditation process

i) Prof. Meshram P. M. (Chairman)

ii) Dr. Dixit S.G.

ii) Prof. Lamkane S.S.

iii) Prof. Ghate S.B.

iii) Shri. Jadhav G.H.


UGC and RUSA Committee

i)To follow UGC& RUSA guidelines and prepare suitable proposals for financial assistance

ii)To implement Schemes started under plans

iii)To utilize grants and maintain records

i) Prin.Dr.Rasal.S.P. (Chairman)

ii) Dr. Kadam P.H.

iii) Dr.Gaikwad A.R.

iv) Dr. Virkar D.D.

v) Dr.Dixit S.G.

vi)Prof. Jadhav A.S.


API Verification committee

i)To implement API and PBAS schemes

ii)To check API forms and Academic diaries for AAA

i) Dr. Gawade S.M. (Chairman)

ii) Dr.Kadam.P.H.


iv) Prof. Jadhav A.S.

v) Dr.Acharya A.P.


Lead College Committee

i)To implement lead college programmes

ii)To distribute funds as per norms and maintain records

i)Dr.Gaikwad.A.R. (Chairman)

ii) Prof .Chandawad.G.R.

iii) Prof. Jadhav A.S.

iv)Prof.Velekar L.C.

v) Prof. Mrs. Jagtap S.C.

vi) Prof. Gavit A.M.

vii) Prof. Miss. Dhembare Rani

vii) Shri. Kumare D.N.


NAAC Working Committee

i)To review internal quality control system

ii)To make provisions for quality enhancement

iii) Prepare AQAR and quality sustenance measures for college

iv) To assist the IQAC

i) Prin.Dr.Rasal.S.P. (Chairman)

ii) Prof. Ratnaparkhe P.R. Crit. I

iii) Dr. Virkar D.D. Crit. II

iv) Dr. Gawade S.M. Crit. III

v) Dr. Girhe B.E. Crit. IV

vi) Dr. Gaikwad A.R. Crit. V

vii) Dr.Kadam P.H. Crit.VI

viii) Prof. Miss. Borate J.P. Crit.VII

ix) Dr.Dixit S.G. (Coordinator)

x) Dr.Dhavade N.C. (Asst.coordinator)

xi) Prof. Mrs.Kawathekar.N.M ( ‘’ )


Academic and Administrative Audit

i) To create awareness among Faculty and Staff regarding AAA

ii)To arrange department wise visits to assess performance and check records

iii) To analyze data and give necessary feedback

iv) To maintain all records

i) Prin.Dr.Rasal.S.P. (Chairman)

ii) Dr.Dixit S.G. ( IQAC Coordinator)

iii) Prof. Ratnaparkhe P.R. ( Science)

iv) Dr. Ingale S.D. ( Arts)

v) Prof. Miss. Borate J.P. ( Commerce)

vi) Prof. Lamkane S.S. ( IT)

vii)Dr. Kadam P. H. ( Criterion Chairman)

viii) Shri. Raskar S.K.



i) To collect the data necessary for updating information o NIRF website

ii) To attempt in getting better ranking to the college

iii) To coordinate IQAC, College website and all stakeholders

iv) To maintain records

i) Prof. Dalavi S.S. (Chairman)

ii)Dr.Virkar D.D.

iii)Dr.Kadam P.H.

iv)Prof. Mrs. Kavathekar N.M.

v)Prof.Velekar L.C.

III Research, Extension and welfare Activities


Skill Development Committee

i)To conduct skill development courses as per norms

ii)To maintain records

iii) To plan for introduction of new courses

i) Prof.Ratnaparkhe P.R. (Chairman)

ii) Prof .Chandawad.G.R.


iv) Prof.Choure.R.S.

v) Prof .Shinde S.H.


Research committee

i)To make financial provisions for research activities of Faculty and students

ii)To inform and motivate faculties to attend and arrange seminars, workshops and publish research papers

iii)To maintain records

iv) To enhance research culture and facilities in the college

i) Dr.Gawade S.M. (Chairman)

ii)Dr. ( External Expert)

iii) Dr.Surwase K.S.

iv) Dr.Acharya A.P.

v) Dr.Shinde T.P.

vi) Prof.More V.P.


viii)Prof.Mrs. Jagtap S.C.

ix) Prof.Ingale C.S.



i) To create research culture among faculty and students

ii) To inform, motivate and guide them to participate in district and university level competitions

iii) To maintain records of participation and achievements

i) Dr. Kamble B.S. ( Chairman)

ii)Prof. Girhe B.E.

iii) Dr. Shinde T.P.

iv)Prof. Velekar Lalit

v) Prof. Shetye P.H.

vi) Prof. Miss. Kalel Dhanashri

vii)Prof. Bavkar Akshay


Staff Academy

i)To develop interdisciplinary approach among faculties

ii)To develop presentation skills

of Faculty members

iii) To acquaint them with new ideas in different areas

i)Dr.Raskar N.K. (Chairman)

ii) Prof. MeshramP.M.

iii) Prof. Mrs.Jagtap.S.C

iv) Prof.Miss.Dhumal S.R.

v) Prof. Miss. Godase Manjusha


Staff Welfare Committee

( Staff Secretary)

i)To coordinate staff welfare activities

ii)To arrange functions for healthy practices

iii)To make communication between Administration ,Faculty and Staff

i) Dr.Shinde T.P. ( Chairman)


iii) Prf. Shetye P.H.

IV Social, Cultural and Environmental Activities


N.S.S committee

i) To create awareness of social and national welfare programmes

ii)To Participate with society through various activities

iii)To organize short and long term programmes of social service

i) Dr. Shinde A.N. (P.O)

ii) Prof.Pawar S.D. (P.O)

iii) Dr.Ingale S.D.

vi) Dr. Mrs. Lonkar U.B.

v) Dr.Acharya A.P.

vi) Prof.Velekar.L.C

vii)Prof.Mrs. Jagtap S.C.

viii) Prof.Madane.V.P

ix) Prof.Balip.A.S.

x) Prof.Kumbhar M.B.

xi) Prof.Mrs. Mathpati.



i)To attract students to national defense services

ii)To develop national interest among candidates

iii) To train the cadets for NCC certificate examinations

i)Prof. Dhumal S.K. ( Boys)

ii) Prof. Shinde L.S. ( Girls)



i)To create awareness of various cultural activities

ii) To organize the central Youth Festivals

iii) To train the students to participate in such activities

i) Dr.Shinde T.P. (Chairman)

ii) Prof.Velekar.L.C

iii) Prof.Kumbhar.M.B

iv) Prof.Shetye.P.H.

v) Prof. Shinde S.H.

vi) Prof.Kulkarni R.R.

vii) Prof. Miss.Kshirsagar.S.A

viii) Prof. Miss. Sargar Medha


Vivek Vahini

i)To develop scientific temper among students

ii)Bring awareness about superstition and other practices

i)Prof. Chandawad.G.R. (Chairman)

ii) Prof. Mesharam P.M.

iii) Prof. Jadhav A.S.

iv)Prof. Shetye P.H.

v) Prof. Miss. Kulkarni Priyanka


Alumni Association

i)To join ex-student as a pillar of society

ii)To make proper coordination with alumni and conduct biannual meet

i)Dr. Raskar N.K. (Chairman)

ii) Prof. Dalavi S.S.

iii)Prof.Mrs.Bhosale R.C.

iv)Dr.Kamble. B.S.

v) Prof. Nale S.K.

vi)Dr.Tike A.S.

vii)Dr.Dixit S.G.

viii) Prof. More V.P.

ix) Shri. Jadhav P.S.


Teacher-Parent committee

i) To maintain guardian teacher - parents meeting records.

ii) To communicate with local guardians/parents and organize regular activities.

iii) To maintain the records

i) Dr.Tike.A.S. (Chairman)

ii) Prof. Mrs. Kavathekar N.M.

iii) Dr. Acharya A.P.

iv) Prof. Miss. Mohite S.P

v) Prof. Miss. Sonawale A.T


Youth Benevolence Cell/ Poor Boys Fund

i) To Draft and Implement special programmes for youths

ii) To sanction financial assistance to poor and needy students

iii) To maintain records

i)Dr.Kadam P.H. (Chairman)

ii)Prof. Mrs. Kavathekar N.M.

iii) Prof. Velekar Lalit

iv)Dr.Lalage S.D.


Disaster Management Committee

i)To imbibe disaster management skills among studets

ii) To guide and train students in disaster management by arranging programmes

iii) To encourage them to be responsive citizens

iv) to maintain records

i) Dr.Tike A.S. (Chairman)

ii) Prof. Pawar S.D.

iii) Prof. Kumbhar M.B.

iv) Prof.Wagh S.D.


Nature Club

i) To organize programmes related to nature awareness

ii) To display articles (paper cutting, news, etc.)

i) Dr. Ingale S.D. (Chairman)

ii) Prof. Madane .V.H

iii) Prof. Choure R.S.


Special Day Celebration

i) To remember valuable teaching and role of national and local personalities

ii)Celebrate all special days

with certain purpose

iii) To organize functions related to these leaders

i)Prof. More V.P. ( Chairman)

ii)Prof. Patil D.G.

iii)Prof. Shaikh F.H.

iv) Prof. Gavit A.M.

v) Prof. Nimbalkar Dipak



i)To give maximum exposure to all the activities organized by college

ii) To maintain healthy relations with all journalists

iii) To be the mirror of the institution

i)Prof.Chandawad G.R. (Chairman)

ii) Prof. Pawar. A.G.

ii)Prof. Kumbhar M.B.

iii) Prof. Kulkarni H.S.

iv) Prof .Kalebere Ravindra

v) Prof. Doshi S.S.

vi) Prof. Shinde Shivkumar

V Student Support and Progression


UDAY Magazine

i) To Plan and prepare College magazine as per University norms

ii) To provide platform for students’ creativity

iii)To make available records for college data base

i) Dr.Mrs.Naik-Nimbalkar.S.L. (Chairman)

ii) Dr.Virkar D.D.

iii) Prof. Mrs.Bhosle.R.C.

iv) Dr.Pawar P.R.

v) Dr.Kadam.P.H.

vi) Prof.Velekar.L.C.

vii) Prof.Mrs.Jagtap.S.C.

viii) Prof.Nimbalkar.P.J.

ix) Prof.Nimbalkar V.M. (Jr.College)

x) Prof. Ghorpade D.R.

xi) Prof. Shinde D.S.

xii) Prof. Kare N.


Student Counseling and Placement Cell

i) To motivate students for their overall improvement

ii) To provide counseling to students related to personal, academic issues.

ii)To prepare students for campus placements

i)Dr. Kamble B.S. (Chairman)

ii) Prof.Girhe B.E.

iii) Prof. Jadhav A.S.

iv) Prof.Pawar A.G

v) Prof.Shinde S.H.

vi) Prof.Kulkarni R.R.


Essay and Debate Competition

i)To organize and train students for various competitions

ii) To organize essay, debate competitions

iii) to maintain records

i) Dr. Dhavade N.C. (Chairman)

ii) Prof.Miss.Kshirsagar S.A

iii) Prof.Dhamal.V.V.

iv)Prof. Shetye P.H. (IT)

v)Prof. Doshi Sachin (IT)


Shrimant Shivajiraje Elocution Competition

i) To provide platform for students elocution skill in the state

ii) To organize a competition every year

iii) To maintain the records

i) Dr. Pawar P.R. ( Chairman)

ii)Dr.Shinde T.P.

iii)Dr.Mrs. Naik Nimbalkar S.L.

iv) Dr.Mrs. Kavathekar N.M.

v)Prof. Miss. Jadhav S.L.

vi)Prof. Shinde A.K.


Competitive Examinations Guidance Committee

i) To enroll desirous students

ii) To organize sessions of expert resource persons.

iii) To Provide infrastructural facilities to students.

iv) To organize unit tests, Seminars related.

v) To guide students to prepare for such exams.

vi) To implement UGC scheme Entry in Services for SC/ST/OBC/Minorities students.

i) Prof. Jadhav A.S. (Chairman)

ii) Prof.Madane Vijay

iii) Prof.Miss. Kshirsagar S.A.

iv) Prof .Ghate S.B.

v) Prof. Kalebere R.S.

vi) Prof.Shaikh .F.H.

vii) Prof. Gavit A.M.

viii) Prof. Shetye P.H.

ix) Prof. Kulkarni. H.

x) Prof. Miss Sargar Medha


Remedial Coaching

i)To boost student confidence by conducting additional sessions of remedial teaching

i) Dr.Acharya A.P. (Chairman)

ii) Dr.Lalage S.D.

iii) Prof.Shaikh F.H.


Equal Opportunity Cell

i)To conduct lectures for gender equality awareness

ii) To implement UGC scheme for SC/ST/OBC students

i) Prof.Velekar.L.C. (Chairman)

ii) Prof.Kshirsagar S.A.

iii) Prof.Miss.Bajbalkar.J.T.


Wall Paper Display

i) To arrange proper display with suitable topics and contents

ii) To provide platform to students creativity and writing

iii) To maintain the records

i) Prof. Miss. Borate J.P. ( Chairman)

ii)Prof. Mrs. Kavathekar N.M.

iii) Dr. Shinde A.N.

iv) Prof. Nimbalkar P.J.

v) Prof. Shetye P.H.


Study Tours & Picnics

i)To allow study tours after verifying essential documents

ii) To maintain the records

i) Prof.Surwase K.S. (Chairman)

ii) Dr.Kamble B.S.

iii)Prof.Patil H.B.

iv) Prof. Jadhav A.S.


Quiz Competition

i) To organize quiz competitions

ii) To train and encourage students to participate

iii) To maintain records

i) Prof. Mrs. Kavathekar N. M. (Chairman)

ii) Prof.Patil H.B.

iii) Dr. Acharya A.P.

iv) Prof. Ghate S.B.

v)Prof.Miss. Nimbalkar Priyanka


Science Association and Science Exhibition

i) i)To organize multiple programmes related to science

ii) To organize science exhibition in association with all Science Depts.

iii) To maintain records

i) Prof.Mrs. Bhosale R.C. (Chairman)

ii) Prof. Dalavi S.S.

iii)Prof. Meshram P. M.

iv)Dr. Kamble B. S.

v)Prof. Sonawale R.T.

vi)Prof. Pawar Sangram

vii) Prof.Ghate Sandip

viii) Prof.Miss. Mohite Poonam

ix)Prof. Attar T.M.

x) Prof.Miss. More Dipali


Commerce, Economics & Banking Association

i)To arrange lectures by external experts

ii)To arrange study tours and industrial visits

iii)To display articles(paper cutting etc.) related to the area

iv)To conduct surveys and projects

i) Prof.Jadhav A.S. (Chairman)

ii)Prof. Miss. Borate J.P.

iii) Prof.Lalage S.D.

iv) Prof .Miss.Mohite S.P.

v) Prof.Mrs.Nimbalkar S.M.

vi) Prof.Shetye P.H.


Social Sciences


i)To create awareness among students by conducting

Sessions and programmes related to social activities.

ii) To organize expert lectures, exhibitions and such activities.

i) Dr.Gawade.S.M. (Chairman)

ii) Prof .Shende.J.D.

iii) Prof .Shinde S.H.

iv) Prof .Tilekar.N.P.

vi) Prof. Prof. Madane Vijay


Languages and Literary association

i) To create literary awareness and interest for literature among students

ii) To give platform to literary activities of students and Faculty

ii) To organize multiple functions in this regard

i) Prof. Mrs. Jagtap S.C. (Chairman)

ii)Dr. Shinde A.N.

iii) Prof. Kumbhar M.B.

iv) Prof. Shinde A.K.

v) Prof.Miss. Kshirsagar S.A.


IT and Management Association

i) To inculcate ICT and management skills among students

ii) To organize multiple functions for students all round development

ii) To maintain records

i) Prof. Lamkane S.S. (Chairman)

ii) Prof. Kulkarni R.R.

iii)Prof. Nimbalkar P.J.

iv) Prof. Doshi S.S.

v) Prof. Mrs. Jadhav Sonali

College Committees Chairmen 2017-18


Name of Chairman

Committees Assigned as Chairman



Prof. Ratnaparakhe P.R.

Faculty/Shift in charge, Admission Committee,

Examination Committee, NAAC Criterion I,

Skill Development Committee.


Dr.Ingale S.D.

Faculty/Shift in charge, Distance Education,

Infrastructure Planning and Development Committee,

Nature Club.



Time-Table Committee, Purchase Committee ,

Lead College Committee, NAAC Criterion V.


Prof. Pathak R.S.

College Canteen Committee,


Dr. Virkar D.D

NAAC Criterion II, Admission Committee, Stock Verification Committee.


Dr.Mrs. Lonkar U.B.

Anti-sexual Harassment Committee.


Prof. Dalavi S.S.

Student Council Election Management, NIRF.


Dr. Surwase K.S.

Anti Ragging Committee, Study Tours & Picnics, Admission Committee, Time-Table Committee.


Prof. Girhe B.E.

NAAC Criterion IV


Dr.Gawade S.M.

API Verification committee, Research committee,

Social Sciences Association, Admission Committee,

NAAC Criterion III.


Prof. Meshram P.M.

Website Development


Prof. Chandawad G.R.

Vivek Vahini, Publicity.


Dr. Kamble B.S,

Avishkar, Student Counseling and Placement Cell.


Prof. Patil H.B.

Botanical Garden and Poly house Development


Prof. Mrs. Bhosale R.C.

Science Association and Science Exhibition


Prof. Satpute L.M.

Gymkhana Committee


Prof. Nale S.K

Discipline Committee, Grievance Redressal Cell


Prof. Mrs. Mane S.A.

Ladies Hostel and Ladies Welfare


Dr. Raskar N.K.

Staff Academy, Alumni Association


Dr. Tike A.S.

Teacher-Parent committee, Disaster Management Committee


Dr. Pawar P.R.

Post Graduate Courses, Shrimant Shivajiraje Elocution Competition


Dr. Kadam P.H.

UGC and RUSA Committee, Academic and Administrative Audit, Poor Boys Fund, NAAC Criterion VI


Dr. Dixit S.G.

IQAC Coordinator


Prof. Borate J.P.

Admission Committee, Faculty/ Shift in Charge, Time-Table Committee, NAAC Criterion , Wall Paper Display


Prof. Jadhav A.S.

Commerce, Economics & Banking Association

Competitive Examinations Guidance Committee,


Dr. Dhavade N.C.

Essay and Debate Competition ,

Admission Committee


Dr. Shinde A.N.

N.S.S (P.O)


Dr. Acharya A.P.

Remedial Coaching


Dr. Shine T.P.

Kalaaviskar, Staff Welfare Committee( Staff Secretary)


Prof. Mrs. Kavathekar N.M.

Quiz Competition


Dr. Mrs. Naik Nimbalkar S.L.

UDAY Magazine


Prof. Pawar A.G.

Library Advisory Committee


Prof. More V.P.

Special Day Celebration


Prof. Velekar L.C.

Equal Opportunity Cell, Admission Committee


Prof. Mrs. Jagtap S.C.

Languages and Literary association


Prof. Pawar S.D.



Prof. Lamkane S.S.

IT and Management Association,

Faculty/Shift In charge, Admission Committee,

Time-Table Committee


Prof. Dhumal S.K. and Prof. Shinde L.S.



Presiding Officer Principal Dr. S.P.Rasal
Chairman Prof. Mrs. R.C. Bhosale
(Faculty) Dr. K.S. Surwase
(Staff) Prof. Mrs. S.A.Mane
(Students) Mrs. K.K.Randive

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